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Snowshoeing is a great option for outdoor exercise during the winter. It’s as simple as hiking, but it opens up a whole new world. The landscapes at your favorite places are transformed by the snow. The wildlife sounds that can’t be heard during the summer become exceptionally clear in the cold, snowy, pristine air. Many areas that are busy all summer are now completely still, save for the occasionally winter animal. The change is astounding.

If you can walk, you can snowshoe!

Just slide your booted foot into the snowshoe like you’re putting on a sandal, and tighten the straps. Then walk forward. Simple. Just keep in mind that your feet are bigger in snowshoes, so if you want to turn around, don’t step on your own toes or heals or you might just end up in a snowbank.

Snowshoe Checkout

Many state parks offer free snowshoe checkout for the day or the weekend. Find parks with snowshoe checkout.


State Parks that have Snowshoeing