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Hunt for Habitat

The highest demand licenses in South Dakota are those for bighorn sheep, mountain goat and elk and all of the drawings for these licenses are reserved for resident hunters only. Certain deer and antelope licenses are also highly coveted. Currently, GFP collaborates with private non-profit organizations to offer an elk license raffle and a bighorn sheep license auction.

The Hunt for Habitat will include both an auction tag as well as raffle licenses.

The raffle licenses will allow residents and nonresidents the opportunity to purchase raffle chances through the online licensing system without restriction on the number that can be purchased. A restriction will be implemented so that no more than one set of Hunt for Habitat licenses can be issued to a nonresident in a year. 

Note: Pending legislative action through SB 153 to authorize the Game, Fish and Parks Commission to provide a special hunting license with all proceeds going toward habitat.