Photo © Matt Hillenbrand

Hunt Planner

South Dakota Hunt Planner

The South Dakota Hunt Planner is a one stop shop that allows hunters to make informed decisions about upcoming seasons and hunting areas for big game. The Hunt Planner combines current season/unit information, previous 3 years of draw statistics and the previous year’s harvest statistics into a map.

Users will be guided through each species detailing several information items such as:

  • Resident/non-resident eligibility
  • Different hunting options, application information
  • Available seasons
  • License quotas
  • Special rules that apply to a species/season


Once you have a species and a season selected, you’ll be navigated to an interactive map. The map will display the hunting units for that season, public land and public roads in South Dakota. Public lands and roads will appear as you zoom in.

Clicking on a unit will open a popup which contains all the information you need when applying. 

  • Area of the unit( mi2)
  • Dates
  • Tag Types
  • # of licenses
  • Fees
  • A pie chart showing unit land ownership
  • Options to view harvest or draw statistics information.


  • Map Legend: The Legend displays labels and symbols for layers within the map. This will assist you in identifying each map component.
  • Map Layers: The Layer List provides a list of layers and their symbols, and allows you to turn individual layers on and off. Each layer in the list has a check box that allows you to easily control its visibility. Layers having expansion arrows indicate that they contain sublayers or subtypes. Clicking on the three dots to the right of the layer allows the user to control the transparency.
  • Basemap: The Basemap Gallery presents multiple basemaps and allows you to switch between them. Basemaps available include: Satellite Imagery, Topographic Maps, Street Maps, and more. However, only the default contains the SD Public Roads Layer.
  • Draw: The Drawing tool may be used to add points, lines, polygons and text on the map to areas you plan to park, camp, hike, hunt, etc. You can use the Print tool to generate a PDF with the information you have added to the map.
  • Measure: This tool provides a measurement function that allows the user to calculate area, length and display an absolute latitude/longitude. There are several units to choose from.
  • Print: The Print option will export your current map to a PDF file. You can then print or transfer to your mobile device for navigation in the field or upload it to a third party app such as Avenza Maps. Be sure to give your PDF Map a good title and change the format to either landscape or portrait.