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The Trails Are Calling

Each year, South Dakota State Parks sponsors an annual activity to encourage everyone to visit their local parks - in 2023, the trails are calling! Hike designated trails in participating South Dakota State Parks, Recreation Areas, Nature Areas, and Trails and look for the sasquatch sign posted along the trails. 

Trails are Calling sign

Start planning your hiking adventures in South Dakota State Parks now!


Participants will earn exclusive prizes based on the number of trails they have hiked to find sasquatch.

  • 1 Trail: Submitting a sighting from one trail earns a sticker.
  • 10 Trails: Find sasquatch on ten trails to earn a window decal.
  • 20 Trails: Send a selfie from 20 trails to earn a keychain.
  • 35 Trails: Serious sasquatch spotters who report from 35+ trails will earn a t-shirt.

Each hiker that submits a selfie is entered to win tickets to a Spearfish Sasquatch baseball game!

Submit Your Sasquatch Sightings


Questions? Here's some helpful information to keep your adventures going smoothly.

  • Report missing sasquatch signs to so a replacement sign can be ordered.

  • If a sasquatch sign is missing or you couldn’t find it, submit a selfie with the park entrance sign to receive credit.

  • Farm Island has two sasquatch signs hidden along the trails, each sign counts as one submission. All other parks count as a single sighting.

Check the interactive map for sign locations.