Fishing with your Friends

General Information

Fishing with your Friends is a 3 class series to build your fishing skills.

  • Class 1: Basics
    • The first class is dedicated to learning that basics about fishing. You will learn about fishing, fish species, fishing regulations, knots, casting, bait/lures, and other equipment.
  • Class 2:
    • The second class is a fishing trip to a local community fishery. SDGFP Fisheries staff will explain what a community fishery is and where to find others in your local area. They will highlight types of SD fish and how to fish for these specific species, while explaining fish management practices and habitat.
  • Class 3:
    • The third and final class is a “Catch it, Clean it, Cook it” experience. You will have time to fish and keep what they catch!


Registration is now open for the 2022 Fishing with your Friends Program. Click the location below where you would like to participate. Spaces are limited and you must be 15 or older to participate.

Questions? Email: