To increase our knowledge on population characteristics and movement, thousands of walleye were tagged this spring to better manage the resource. Walleye will be tagged in Lake Oahe from Garrison Dam to Oahe Dam.

If you catch a tagged walleye:

  • A total of 10,000 walleyes are being tagged, 5% will have a reward tag worth $100. We are seeking information from ALL tagged walleyes.
  • Report a tagged walleye:
    Email >
    - Include name, tag number, boat ramp used, general catch location, fish length and date of catch.
    - If you would like backround information on when and where your fish was tagged, please indicate in email.
  • or, call 605.223.7656.
  • You will be able to keep both the fish and the tag. (Information on released fish is also appreciated)
  • Reward tags will be clearly marked "REWARD". To claim the reward the tag must be verified by either SD GF&P or ND G&F.
  • Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


  • 605.223.7656

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misc updates

  • To date, 1,334 tagged walleyes have been reported by anglers.
  • Many fish were harvested very close to where they were tagged, but we have seen some fish make some big moves.  The longest move was approximately 298 river miles; this particular fish was tagged just below the Garrison Dam on April 29th and was caught at Okobojo Point on June 1st.
  • We are also observing that fish tagged in the upper part of the reservoir, especially North Dakota locations, are moving greater distances than those tagged further downstream.
  • Many of the questions this study is designed to address will not be answered until we have multiple years of data to analyze.  We will continue to release our findings as they come available.


4,252 fish tagged, 532 tag returns to date.
Locations where tagged and the number of those fish that have been called in:

  • Beaver Bay: 1,717 tagged, 157 returns
  • Heskett Station: 259 tagged, 69 returns
  • Cannonball River: 416 tagged, 53 returns
  • Cattail Bay: 78 tagged, 15 returns
  • Sanger: 21 tagged, 6 returns
  • Garrison Dam Spillway: 1,091 tagged, 101 returns
  • Eckroth Bottoms: 88 tagged, 17 returns
  • Huff Bluffs 392 tagged, 73 returns
  • Knife River 56 tagged, 10 returns
  • Stanton GPA 7 tagged, 0 returns
  • Washburn 5 tagged, 0 returns
  • Bernie's Banks 43 tagged, 9 returns
  • Double Ditch 79 tagged, 22 returns

South Dakota updates

4,924 fish tagged, 718 returns to date.
Locations where tagged and the number of those fish that have been called in:

  • Grand River: 2,000 tagged, 285 returns
  • Moreau River 1,578 tagged, 208 returns
  • Swan Creek: 236 tagged, 46 returns
  • Whitlock's Bay: 159 tagged, 30 returns
  • Cow Creek: 784 tagged, 113 returns
  • Peoria Flats: 141 tagged, 27 returns
  • West Shore: 26 tagged, 9 returns
Walleye Lip Tags