Elk Samples

Elk Samples

Elk Check Letter 2023

Attention Black Hills Elk Hunters!

By submitting your elk head for CWD testing you are entered for a chance to win a rifle donated by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation!


There are several methods to provide the requested samples, and they can be collected even if you plan to mount your trophy elk. Just call the South Dakota CWD Hotline at 605.877.2537 or 605.484.5493 for more information or assistance collecting your samples.

Collection Sites are distributed across the Black Hills, or you can visit any GFP office. 

Map of Self-Service Drop Off Stations

List of Establishments, Addresses, and Contact Information

The easiest way to submit your Chronic Wasting Disease sample is:

1.    Place your individual elk heads in a trash bag before placing it into the station barrel. Make sure the identification tag is securely attached to the elk head or trash bag.

2.    Fill out map with location of harvest and requested information and place in Ammunition Can at the station.

3.    Please submit elk teeth in the Ammunition Can or inside the designated station.  

If you plan to European Mount or Shoulder Mount your elk, just call 605.877.2537 for assistance.

Why are we asking for CWD samples from elk this year?

The objective for collection of tissue samples from elk in the Black Hills is to determine Chronic Wasting Disease prevalence rates in various units throughout the Black Hills.  We need to collect a large sample size from several areas across the Black Hills.  We are asking for a harvest location to identify specific areas within each unit where CWD prevalence may be impacting the health of the elk population.  SDGFP is interested in assessing any impacts that CWD may have to the health of the South Dakota elk population to enhance elk hunting opportunities into the future.  Elk are a unique resource in this state that are sought after by many hunters. We are asking for hunter support in collecting as many samples as possible to protect elk hunting for future generations.

All hunters that submit samples for teeth and CWD sampling will be informed of the age of elk and the results of Chronic Wasting Disease testing.  It is very important that the license number from your elk tag be written on all samples.

Call 605.877.2537 or 605.484.5493 - We can answer your questions!

Ways to Submit Your Elk Samples for CWD Testing:

Option #1: Cow Heads
Option #2: Bull Heads & Mounting Trophies
Option #3: Self-Submission