Photo © Sam Stukel

Conservation License Plate

Neighboring states, in particular, Nebraska and Minnesota have been able to generate revenue for conservation by selling specialty vehicle license plates. These license plates could be a significant source of revenue for habitat enhancement in South Dakota.

In a partnership with the Department of Revenue, a Conservation License Plate will soon be available with funds going directly toward habitat.  

More details:

  • The plate will cost $10 - this money goes to the Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • The plate is designed with a portion of the picture missing. The missing portion of the plate would then be purchased from the Second Century Habitat Fund for $30 in the form of a sticker. These stickers will be available for purchase online.
  • The plate is valid for one year and a new plate would have to be purchased annually.
  • Examples of the plate are available below:

pheasant license plate

Note: This is pending legislative action through HB 1181 which creates a habitat conservation emblem specialty plate.