northeast Regional Advisory panel

December 11, 2013


Panel Members GFP Staff
Rick Smith Scott Lindgren
Bob Tiff Mike Klosowski
Lee Schull Mark Ermer
Neil Bien Casey Dowler
Brian Fisher Emmett Keyser
John Johnson Jamie Pekelder
Members Not in Attendance: Dick Pearson, Brenda Mitzel Public: 18 (including Rep. Susan Wismer)

Scott Lindgren- Regional Supervisor
Scott Lindgren introduced the RAP members to the public and explained the purpose of the panel. Scott read Brenda Mitzel's letter of resignation.

Each RAP member gave an update of what is happening in their area. Members talked about the Pheasant Habitat Summit, trapping issues, hunting activity, great fishing, low pheasant numbers and waterfowl migration.

Mark Ermer- Regional Fisheries Manager

  • Gave presentation on 25 years of retrospect for fisheries management in NE SD. Conversation continued with panel members on stocking and access on non-meandered waters.
  • Scott opened it up to the public: public had a wide variety of comments and questions in regards to water and access.

Emmett Keyser- Assistant Director

  • Talked about what occurred in last year's legislative session in regards to water legislation. Handed out information sheet on non-meandered waters and discussed plans for 2014 session. Emmett then opened up the conversation to the panel members.
  • Emmett Keyser handed out information sheet on the pheasant habitat summit and discussed the event and what is going to happen in the future.
  • Emmett Keyser presented information on the wildlife division review.
  • Discussed elk, deer and mountain lion management issues and dynamics.
  • Scott Lindgren handed out the big game management plan information sheet.
  • Emmett Keyser opened up the discussion to panel members. Questions were asked on the cost of the review, main idea of the review and license sales.
  • Scott Lindgren opened up the discussion to the public for questions and comments: question on adaptive license distribution.

Representative Susan Wismer

  • Represents Marshall, Day, Roberts Counties, Hecla and Frederick
  • Rep. Wismer provided a few comments from last legislative session, water bills and misc. conversation.


  • Scott and Emmett finished up questions and thanked the public for its largest attendance to date.

Potential topics for next meeting:

  • Boat restrictions on good waterfowl lakes to improve field hunting and keep birds here longer.
  • Fair and equitable distribution of deer tags.
  • Legislative update from 2014 session.

Next Meeting:  Watertown or Milbank in April or May