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Mentored Antelope Hunt

South Dakota residents have the opportunity to pass the wonderful tradition of antelope hunting on to a new generation through the Mentored Hunt program.

A mentored hunting license is available for youth age 10 through 16. This is a separate application process from the normal antelope application. This is a one-to-one mentorship between an adult and the youth. The youth is not required to have hunter safety certification for this hunt, but certification is required of the mentor. Other requirements are listed in the application form.

The Mentored Antelope licenses are valid during the established Archery and Firearms Antelope seasons, however, firearms may NOT be used during the Archery Antelope season.

We invite and encourage you to introduce a young person to hunting and all the joys and health benefits that go with being outdoors.

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There are many great adventures for you and your family to enjoy in the South Dakota's outdoors, we invite you to share your memories with others. Submit a photo and story to have it included in one of the "My First" pages. Entries are not limited to just children - anyone who has experienced something new in the outdoors can submit an entry!