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Deer and Antelope Poached

in the Draper area, Jones County

Poached Deer

The Department of Game, Fish and Parks is requesting your assistance. Over the last few years, over 20 deer and antelope have been found shot near the Draper area in Jones County. Many of these animals are of trophy class, and have been killed during all months of the year. It is expected that similar acts will continue until the subjects are stopped. If you have any information regarding these incidents, please respond.

In nearly every case the deer, with antlers attached, have been shot and left to rot. Not only are the culprits of these crimes wasting a precious resource, they are stealing from the landowners, residents, and law abiding citizens of South Dakota.

If you have information regarding any of these incidents please contact the Turn In Poachers Hotline at (888) - OVERBAG, submit information online, or contact you local conservation officer. Callers may remain completely anonymous and may be eligible for a reward. It could be the most important call you ever make. Please call now!