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2016 Legislative Updates

The 2016 South Dakota Legislative Session is here. All bill activities for both the House and the Senate that we are following for this session will be listed here.

Updates are made at least once a week.

House Bills

Bill Number

bill title

HB 1010 An Act to revise certain provisions relating to the development of park and recreational improvements on lands leased to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.
HB 1011 An Act to repeal certain obsolete and unnecessary statuses concerning game preserves and refuges.
HB 1024 School and Public Lands Dam Appropriation
HB 1066 Notice of Public Meeting
HB 1075 Nonresident Waterfowl Licenses
HB 1082 Codify the list of navigable streams requiring gates
HB 1135

Establish venue for certain actions arising out of real property lease agreements.

HB 1179

Revise certain provisions regarding the exemption of certain boats from the excise tax on large boats.

HB 1214

Regulate conflicts of interest for authority, board, or commission members.

Senate Bills

bill number

bill title

SB 3 Revise the income criteria for determining if property is classified as agricultural land for property tax purposes
SB 58 Revise certain restrictions for the use of night-vision equipment for hunting under certain conditions
SB 71 Revise provisions regarding small game hunting and fishing licenses to certain veterans at reduced fees and to authorize certain nonresident veterans to get nonresident small game licenses at a reduced fee.
SB 73

Clarify certain provisions regarding open meetings.

SB 80

Limit certain liability for hosts of fishing tournaments

SB 86

Amend the 2017 General Appropriations Act to revise certain programs and promote efficiency in state government.

SB 87

Revise certain programs and promote efficiency in state government and to make an appropriation therefor.

SB 88

Revise certain programs and promote efficiency in state government.

SB 90

Ensure that members of the public are able to access and record public meetings.

SB 104

Set the time period for when an agency may promulgate rules.

SB 107

Clarify certain safety zone restrictions on hunting.

SB 162

Create the State Board of Internal Control and to declare an emergency.

SB 170

Appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools.

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