Position - Wildlife Damage Specialist

Class Code: 90426

A. Purpose:

Provides assistance and directs control methods for individuals experiencing depredation or property destruction caused by various forms of wildlife; and provides an extension program through educational presentations and demonstrations to promote sport hunting and trapping of furbearers and for rodent or animal control.

I. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • basic principles and practices used in management of wildlife populations;
  • public attitudes and expectations regarding wildlife management;
  • animal control techniques, equipment, and methods;
  • pesticides as they relate to animal and rodent control, and the laws and regulations that govern their uses;
  • on-the-job safety practices and accident prevention;
  • principles of effective human relations and dealing with the public.

Ability to:

  • plan and organize work priorities;
  • lift as much as 70 pounds routinely;
  • work outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions;
  • control emotions and maintain consistent performance under pressure or opposition;
  • take positive steps to control conflicts;
  • train others in an organized fashion at a level appropriate for the students;
  • communicate effectively.