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april 2014 Commission Meeting

April 3-4, 2014
Oacoma, SD

Rules Proposed at this Meeting


Division of Administration Audio

Action Items

Information Items
License sales report

Open Forum Audio


Finalizations Audio
Custer State Park Elk Hunting Season

Custer State Park Early Archery Elk Hunting Season

Archery Elk Hunting Season

Elk Unit 7 Boundary Change Proposal

Black Hills Elk Hunting Season

Elk Unit 7 Boundary Change Proposal

Prairie Elk Hunting Season

Prairie Elk Unit Boundary Change Proposal

Sandhill Crane Hunting Season

Mourning Dove Hunting Season

Archery Deer Hunting Season Dates

Habitat Partner of the Year Award

Division of Parks and Recreation Audio

Information Items

Good Earth State Parks Improvements

division of wildlife

Action Items

Proposals Audio

Preference point-only license applications

Nonresident Waterfowl
41:06:16:11. Maximum number of nonresident waterfowl licenses -- Open units -- Dates -- License restrictions. The maximum number of nonresident waterfowl licenses to be issued by lottery is 4,000 special nonresident waterfowl licenses, 2,000 early fall Canada goose temporary nonresident licenses, 2,000 fall three-day temporary nonresident waterfowl licenses, and 10,000 spring snow goose temporary nonresident licenses divided for administrative purposes as follows:

Special Canada Goose Season

Tundra Swan Hunting Season

Adoption of statewide and management area fisheries management plans

Information Items

Cedar Shore Resort and Marina Bank Stabilization information and tour

Land Acquisition updates Audio

WMI Big Game Action Plan Updates
The Wildlife Management Institute’s report on SD GFP's big game management revealed several areas of emphasis the Division of Wildlife. During each Commission meeting, Wildlife staff will be reviewing and reporting on progress being made on this report.

Seek and employ more biometric/statistical assistance

Establish draft deer data analysis units (DAU's)

Deer season structure

Launch redesigned leadership and career development program

Assess and enhance use of social media

Strengthen use of management plans to guide the CRD process and season structures

Use of human dimensions in management plans Audio

Review of elk license preference system Audio

Elk Preference Drawing Presentation

Elk Depredation assistance programs

Elk Depredation Presentation

Mountain lion hunting season summary Audio

Salmon program update Audio

Atlantic Salmon Presentation

Shooting preserve investigation report

Use of Drones


Possible June governance meeting before commission meeting

Wild sheep Midwest chapter update

Next Meeting
May 1-2, 2014
Custer State Park
Sylvan Lake Lodge