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october 2013 Commission Meeting

October 3, 2013
Spearfish, SD


Wildlife Management Institute Presentation - Big Game Management Review Audio

  • Nathan Sanderson from the Governor's Office introduced Steve Williams and Scott Williamson from WMI to give an overview of their findings in their review of GFP's big game management procedures
  • The report is posted on the GFP website, is 120 pages long and details from this presentation are found in the full report (link to report)
  • Used several techniques to gather information, including documents from agency and public input
  • Deer and elk management plans were outdated; plans lacked well-defined objectives; as evidenced by Mountain Lion and Pronghorn plans, the process is improving
  • Need to place greater emphasis on management planning; specify measureable and tiem bound objectives
  • GFP uses a variety of methods; recommend increase use of social media and emails; provide full support of human dimension capabilities; longer term comprehensive management system
  • Commission recommendations include provide formal and structured process for decision making
  • Heard on a few occasions that "the numbers change" between field staff at a higher level; found no evidence but number of licenses available may change when Commission Recommendations were set; what was lacking was an adequate feedback system from policy-level decisions to field staff
  • Prior to regulatory decision making policy sideboards should be presented up-front for all staff; minimal thresholds should be identified to do away with minimal changes from year to year; and a standardized feedback mechanism should be put in place
  • Section in report deals with roles and responsibilities of staff, including Specialist vs. Generalist conservation officer
  • Recommend annual training workshops for all staff involved in big game management
  • GFP should review regulation-setting process to reduce the amount of detail work for the Commission; set regulations pertinent to a 3-year or 5-year period
  • DEER MNGT: Specific population objectives, including measures of herd quality and landowner tolerance; consolidate counties into larger aggregate units for data analysis
  • ELK MNGT: Needs to contain specific population objects in specified timeline; consider a system plan for deer, elk and mountain lion in the Black Hills that would also account for livestock grazing; seek additional bio-statistical support to develop population models
  • PRONGHORN: Establish unit-specific population objectives; use historical data to develop a winter severity index to help with population models and population trend from weather data
  • MTN LION: Clarify what the mountain lion population object to ensure a common frame of reference; commended for public outreach and participation efforts in design of current management plan; next plan should include the engagement of competing stakeholders in direct negotiations
  • Request For Proposal had 9 specific questions to answer assigned by the Governor; these are detailed in the report
  • WMI attempted to emphasize strengths and weaknesses as part of report
  • Staff knowledgeable and dedicated; understand importance of combining biological information with landowner and hunter desires; openly embraces public participation; the big game management program has rapidly, and is currently, evolving
  • Biological surveys should be re-assessed based on time and expense, use of data, established protocol, training, and accuracy and precision of data
  • Management plans should be developed in concert with public and Commission
  • Population modeling should continue to improve and used instead of some surveys that may be more costly and time consuming
  • Harvest management/license type allocation should be based on algoritims that allow adaptive management
  • Improve internal communication and participatory management

Open Forum Audio

  • Don Heisle ranches south of Deadwood sent a letter to Commission in April commenting on amount of elk on his private land and they are eating a lot of forage; can't get an elk tag unless minimum 240 acres; many small ranchers in the area and when they are no longer in ranching business the land will be sub-divided for development; asks Commission to give serious consideration to owner/ranchers of these smaller tracts of land
  • Tom Krafka, President Greater Dacotah Chapter of Safari Club International; working to help bighorn sheep numbers in the Black Hills; three questions: what has been done to improve habitat or bring in more bighorn, what is being done to prepare for another auction tag in 2014, what criteria will be used to determine whether or not an auction tag will be available
  • Marty Davis from Spearfish: moved here from Minn and likes system of making changes every year; lot of controversy with mountain lions and as long as allow hunting season should be based on opportunity and not just the harvest of an animal; allowing more people to hunt is important; do not allow hounds but get more landowner complaints and take away from common man; likes the current system
  • Kent Edalla on possible change of walleye limit; does not think this is the time to consider a limit change and moving to three times daily limit for possession limit is a bad move; load of small fish that need to get to 18" or better range; do need to look at Oahe Reservoir limit change differently than we do the rest of the state; need to improve warm water fishery and contain catastrophic high and low water events; asked about youth hunting; interested in seeing how Orman Dam doing for visitors and income

Public Hearing at 2 PM Audio

  • There were 11 individuals present their views on the mountain lion run change proposal

Division of Administration Audio

Action Items
Approve minutes of the August 2013 meeting:

Additional Commissioner Salary Days

2014 Meeting Schedule

  • Jan. 9-10; Ft. Pierre Holiday Inn Express
  • March 6-7; Ft. Pierre Holiday Inn Express
  • Apr. 3-4; Oacoma Cedar Shores
  • May 1-2; CSP Sylvan Lake Lodge
  • June 5-6; Yankton Lewis & Clark Resort
  • July 9; Ft. Pierre Holiday Inn Express
  • Aug. 7-8; Ft. Pierre Holiday Inn Express
  • Oct. 2-3; Sturgis Convention Center
  • Nov. 6-7; Sioux Falls Ramada
  • Dec. 4-5; Ft. Pierre Holiday Inn Express

License List Requests

  • Mitchell Convention & Visitors Bureau for list of 2012 Nonresident Small Game license holders from Minnesota to send a postcard inviting them to hunt in the Mitchell area; seeking exception to regular fee; approved
  • Del's Taxidermy and Archery LLC, Huron, for list of 1,000 archery license holders in Beadle, Kingsbury, Spink, Hand, Sanborn, Jerauld, Hyde and Hand counties to send a flyer advertising business; approved

Information Item
License Sales Report

  • Total sales are 1.1% ahead of same time a year ago


Elk research

  • Study in middle to southern Hills and determine pregnancy rates
  • Third season of study; captured 40 cow elk; 36 were re-captures
  • 40 cow elk collared; 8 yearling still collared from 2 years ago
  • Pregnancy rate 90% which is what one might expect
  • Calf elk 58 radio-marked and monitoring survival
  • Last year survival 83%; predominant mortality hunter-harvest and mountain lion predation
  • Last year annual calf survival 27% a big improvement from the previous year
  • Calf survival include 22 mortalities from puma, 3 from coyote, 1 from bobcat, 1 possible EHD mortality, 1 trapped and trampled under rocks

Mountain Lion Hunting Season

  • Based on proposal this will put population at high end of desired population range
  • No staff recommended changes from proposal
  • Proposed changes from last year: Decrease the total mountain lion harvest limit from 100 to 75 and the female harvest limit from 70 to 50; Increase the number of hunting intervals when dog hunting is allowed from 3 to 4 and decrease the number of hunting intervals when no dog hunting is allowed from 5 to 4 for Custer State Park.  This structure would include four (4) hunting intervals (17 days in length) with each having 30 access permits (no dog hunting allowed) for a total of 120 access permits and four (4) intervals (7 days in length) with each having 4 access permits (dog hunting allowed) for a total of 16 access permits.
  • Open statewide for residents only
  • Season dates year-round; except Black Hills Fire Protection District open Dec. 26, 2013 – March 31, 2014 with harvest limit exception
  • Commission approved mountain lion season with changes as proposed

Petition for Rule Change
Walleye Possession Limits

  • S.D. Missouri River Tourism, formerly Great Lakes of SD Tourism Assoc.; the Pierre Area Convention & Visitors Bureau; Governors Inn; John H. Hight and Tom Bruno all petitioned the Commission to change the walleye limits for the Missouri River system to 4 daily and 3 times the possession limit; this would increase possession limit from 8 to 12
  • Also change the statewide possession limit to 12
  • Feel this will have a positive economic impact for the state
  • Length limit has greatest impact on a fish population, followed by daily limit; possession limit has less impact and staff does not feel this would be negative
  • Commission can initiate rule making process to issue public notice as a rule change proposal; or they can deny the petition and adopt a resolution of reasons why the petition will be rejected
  • Staff recommends proceeding with incorporating this as a rule-change proposal and that this should be applied to walleye and other fish species
  • Commission approved petition to be part of a rule change proposal to impose a statewide 3x daily limit to be possession limit for all species of fish that have a possession limit

Division of Wildlife

Action Items
Fishing regulations Audio

  • Add 41:07:01:18 "Felt Soled Waders Prohibited" - Felt soled waders have been found to be a pathway for transmission of aquatic invasive species. The absorbent felt material can trap sediment and organic material which may include Didymo (rock snot) cells, whirling disease spores or invertebrate larvae. Those utilizing felt sole waders can then transport those organisms to the next water in which they enter. In an effort to minimize risk of transmission through this pathway, many states have banned the use of felt soled waders.
  • Modify 41:07:03:02. "South Dakota-Minnesota boundary waters." by changing the possession limit for yellow perch from 15 fish to 30 fish, twice the daily limit - A recent survey of South Dakota resident anglers in counties bordering Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska determined that resident anglers desire regulations for boundary waters to match those of inland waters and that regulations on boundary waters be the same for anglers licensed in both states. By increasing the yellow perch possession limit for anglers licensed in SD to twice the daily limit (30 fish) it will be the same as both SD inland waters and the possession limit for anglers licensed in Minnesota fishing SD/MN boundary waters.
  • Add East and West Heritage GPA ponds to the list of waters with a 15" minimum length limit for largemouth and smallmouth bass - East and West Heritage GPA ponds are newly managed waters in Region 3 that will be receiving advanced fingerling largemouth bass stockings. Staff anticipates use will be high as with other similar waters in the region, making it a candidate for a 15" minimum on largemouth and smallmouth bass.
  • Remove current walleye limits of 8 daily, of which at most four can be 15 inches or longer in length, and 24 in possession, and applying statewide harvest restrictions for walleye to Lake Oahe - Abundance of walleye below 15 inches decreased from 2012 to 2013. While some anglers took advantage of the daily limit of 8 walleyes in 2013, many were reluctant to harvest fish shorter than 14 inches. The majority of fish available to anglers in 2014 will be those produced during 2009 and will be longer than 15 inches. Younger year classes of walleye will be below 14 inches in length and angler harvest of these fish is expected to be low.
  • Modify 41:07:06:01. "Spearing of rough fish in inland waters." by including the South Dakota-Minnesota boundary waters in this regulation and modifying the title to reflect this change; and
  • Repeal 41:07:06:01.2. "Spearing of rough fish in South Dakota-Minnesota boundary waters" - Applying the same regulations to rough fish spearing on the SD/MN boundary waters will simplify regulations and increase opportunity for South Dakota anglers while better matching Minnesota regulations.
  • Modify 41:07:06:03. "Areas open to spearing of game fish - Additional permit required." by:
    - Removing subsection (7) which allows game fish spearing in certain waters in Eastern South Dakota - originally enacted to accommodate dark house spearing for northern pike in eastern South Dakota. Opportunities for underwater spearing or archery of game fish in these eastern South Dakota waters are extremely limited due to lack of water clarity. Since December of 2012, spearing for northern pike statewide has been allowed. With dark house spearing for northern pike legalized statewide in 2012, subsection (7) is no longer necessary.
    - Adding South Island Land and county designations for North and South Island Lakes to subsection (8) which allows northern pike to be taken in inland waters of the state except those managed for muskies - Currently only North Island Lake is listed as a water managed for muskie and closed to northern pike spearing. South Island Lake is linked to North Island Lake and should be added to the rule along with county designations to clarify where pike spearing is allowed.
    - Removing verbiage that allows the director of the Division of Wildlife to temporarily open areas to game fish spearing for special events and instead state that the Commission may open areas temporarily for all anglers by resolution - The current process of having the Wildlife Division Director issue permits to temporarily open areas to game fish spearing does not allow for adequate public input. It is recommended this authority reside with the Commission to better facilitate public input. Language related to special events would be removed from the rule, meaning areas temporarily open to game fish species would be open for all anglers, not just those participating in a special event.
  • Commission approved all recommendations as rule change proposals

Bait Fish

  • Modify 41:09:04:02.02 "Species that may be taken as bait for commercial use." to allow emerald shiners and spottail shiners to be taken and sold by any licensed resident bait dealer or sold by any licensed nonresident bait dealer - This change would add two additional species to be taken and sold as bait. There is no biological reason to not allow the commercial take of these species for bait and it will provide additional opportunity to bait dealers.
  • Modify 41:09:04:02.04 "Species that may be taken as bait for noncommercial use." to allow golden shiners, emerald shiners, spottail shiners and dead gizzard shad to be transported away from the water from which they were taken to be used as bait - This change would allow golden shiners, emerald shiners, spottail shiners and dead gizzard shad to be transported away from the waters from which they were taken with no associated risk to fisheries. Of the species listed, only gizzard shad pose a potential threat to other waters. In situations where shad survival over winter is high, there is the potential for shad to become overabundant and negatively affect the fish community.
  • Modify 41:09:04:03 "Waters closed to taking of bait." By modifying:
    - "Waters closed year-round to commercial and noncommercial taking of bait." to add the exception of that portion of Lewis and Clark Lake and the Missouri River above Gavins Point Dam in Yankton and Bon Homme Counties for the non-commercial taking of bait - Clarify that Lewis and Clark Lake and the Missouri River above Gavins Point Dam in Yankton and Bon Homme counties are open to the noncommercial taking of bait. This section will remain closed year round to the commercial taking of bait. This will clarify the intent of the rule.
    - "Other Waters." to include Lake Yankton in Yankton County and Lakes Byron and Mud in Beadle County - Add Lake Yankton in Yankton County and Mud Lake and Lake Byron in Beadle County to the list of other waters closed year-round to commercial and noncommercial taking of bait. These waters have been discovered to contain Asian Carp.
    - "Waters closed year-round to commercial taking of bait." By removing Lake Yankton (Cottonwood) in Yankton County - Remove Lake Yankton (Cottonwood) from the list of waters closed to the year-round commercial taking of bait because it has been added to the list of waters closed to both the commercial and noncommercial taking of bait.
  • Commission approved staff recommendation as rule change proposals

License Fees Proposals Audio

  • When reviewed budget vs. revenues it was clear that the Division had reached the point where they would be short on revenue to complete essential work and maintain working capital (3 months of operating expenses that are kept in reserve); latest information from the US Fish & Wildlife Service project GFP Pittman-Robertson funds between a 40-45% increase ($9.5 million last year) so this year increase around $3.3-3.7 million; Dingell-Johnson Funds for fishing down 7.9%; last year $4.4 million so this year just at $4 million; will be the lowest figure for D-J funds in several years; budget office sequester around 8% that would also impact funding
  • Staff recommendation to raise license fees for residents and nonresidents for 2014 - based on 2014 license sales projections these fee increases would generate $2,017,000 in revenue; additional revenue along with budget cuts already implemented during the current fiscal year and expanded utilization of federal funding will align expenditures with revenue and allow for replenishment of a spending capital base of $10 million in the game fund; 2005 was the last year a general license fee package was adopted by the Commission; increased costs associated with state-provided health care and salaries along with inflation (estimated at 20% from 2005 to 2013) have eroded the ability to maintain the current level of services with current license fees
  • Resident fee changes: Annual Fishing $25-28; Senior Fishing $10-12; One-Day Fishing $7-8; Paddlefish Tag $20-25; Combination $50-55; Junior Combination $25-27; Senior Combination $35-40; Annual Small Game $30-33; One-Day Small Game $10-12; Canada Goose Special Season Tags $11-15; Tundra Swan Tag $11-18; Spring Turkey 1-tag $21-25; Spring Turkey 2-tag $26-35; Fall Turkey 1-tag $11-15; Fall Turkey 2-tag $16-20; Any Deer 1-tag $36-40; Any Deer + Antlerless Deer 2-tag $46-50; Antlerless Deer 1-tag $16-20; Antlerless Deer 2-tag $26-30; Special Buck $156-175; Any Antelope $36-40; Any Antelope + Doe/Fawn $46-50; Doe/Fawn 1-tag $16-20; Doe/Fawn 2-tag $26-30; Any Elk $156-175; Antlerless Elk $106-116; Mountain Goat $256-280; Bighorn Sheep $256-280; Mountain Lion $26-28; Furbearer $25-30
  • Nonresident fee changes: Annual Fishing $60-67; Family Fishing $60-67; One-Day Fishing $14-16; Three-Day Fishing $32-37; Paddlefish Tag $20-40; Game Fish Spearing $5-10; Spring Light Goose $46-50; Early Fall Canada Goose $46-50; Tundra Swan $16-25; Spring Turkey 1-tag $86-100; Spring Turkey 2-tag $101-125; Fall Turkey 1-tag $76-90; Fall Turkey 2-tag $86-100; Antlerless Deer 1-tag $56-80; Antlerless Deer 2-tag $81-120; Special Buck $506-560; Antelope Doe/Fawn 1-tag $56-80; Antelope Doe/Fawn 2-tag $81-120; Furbearer $250-275; Predator/Varmint $35-40

Fee Changes - Resident

Fee Changes - Nonresident

  • Research comparing SD fees with other states; tough to compare because different states have different breakdown for license types and maybe additional stamps; compared on getting same privilege; comparison shows SD fees in line with most states
  • Staff also recommends expanding the assessment of the current $5 fee for preference points for intentional unsuccessful applicants to include all unsuccessful applicants for deer, antelope, turkey, waterfowl and paddlefish licenses where a preference point is awarded; fee for a preference point will be $5 for residents and $10 for nonresidents; applicants will have the option of declining an additional preference point and in doing so would not have to pay the preference point fee
  • Commission approved recommended changes for rule change proposal

Information Items
Boating Officer of the Year Audio

  • Joe Keeton was presented with the 2013 award; national award that has been given since 2002; Joe has been with GFP since 2005 and is a veteran of the US Coast Guard; helped get first classroom course for boating safety in place; been rewarding to have this offered in a state where boating safety is not mandatory

Land acquisition projects

  • Information provided for projects are under development
  • Medicine Knoll Creek Game Production Area exchange and purchase: southeast Sully County; would involve equal value exchange of two private tracts totaling 173 acres and adjoining Medicine Knoll Creek GPA with two GFP-owned tracts totaling 320 acres; GFP would purchase the residual acres of 47 acres; objective to consolidate GFP holdings, realize more diverse habitat development opportunities, and enhance public hunting opportunities; cost $109,400; expected closing Dec. 2013
  • Chain Lakes (Holoubek) GPA addition: southeast Brule County; 160 acre tract of grassland and wetland adjoining the Chain Lakes GPA; cost $160,000; expected closing in 2014
  • Moody County property: northwest Moody County; 160 acre tract of restored grassland and wetland; property currently under appraisal

Bighorn Sheep Update Audio

  • Auction license rules have all been adopted and are in place; criteria for availability is if minimum 3 licenses available the third one would be the auction license; funds that were raised last year, have had one meeting and second meeting will be in mid-October; enhancement dollars are in budget and have not been spent, will be used for potential transplants, a research project for Deadwood area where there is potential for a new sub-herd location, habitat opportunities on Game Production Areas and Forest Service areas that will be specific to bighorn, identifying and locating domestic herds that have potential to be source of wild sheep disease and potential fencing opportunities

Pheasant Brood Route Report Audio

  • Brood route numbers down 64%; what exactly caused the decrease was a series of events that started last fall with the extreme duration and intensity of the drought, lack of cover and vegetation, lack of insect base for young pheasants, cold winter and very cool and wet weather in the spring, all coupled with loss of habitat
  • On optimistic side re-ran some routes and found in some locations and verified the peak hatch was several weeks late and came in early July
  • Hearing reports from landowners and ranchers who are seeing a few birds where that had not seen any

Division of Parks and Recreation Audio

Action Items
Custer State Park Private Cabin Transfer Resolution

  • Transfer from Patrick Ginsbach to Francis and Joan Kub
  • Custer State Park Resort Employee Housing
  • Good year but not great; had a few issues to deal with along the way this last season including an issue with a chef at Sylvan Lake Lodge
  • Regency, the current concession contractor for CSP, is requesting they be allowed to purchase and install two 6-bedroom  additional employee housing units; seek these units to provide the right type of housing to attract quality employees
  • Cost would be $50,000 per unit with setup and moving costs at $18,000 per unit; if and when lease runs out, Resort Company will have possessory interest in unit so GFP would get independent appraisal to set price to take over the units
  • Commission approved a resolution granting GFP the authority to allow this amendment to the concession contract

Resolution for Adams land transfer

  • Parks & Wildlife Foundation currently owns four parcels of land around Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve and wishes to gift them to GFP
  • Commission approved the resolution granting GFP authority to proceed with the land transfer

Park fees proposals

  • Staff recommends adjusting camping permit daily fees as follows: Custer State Park modern campground fee from $18.96-21; Modern campground fee $11.38-13; Custer State Park semi-modern campground fee $17.06-19; Basic campground fee $9.48-11; Custer State Park French Creek natural area $5.69-7; Fort Sisseton Festival campground sites $16.11-25; Equestrian campground fee $11.38-13; Sheps Canyon Horse Camp $13.27-15; Camping cabin fee $35.07-40; however at Lewis & Clark , Pierson Ranch and Chief White Crane Recreation Areas $39.81-45; Custer State Park camping cabin fee $44.55-50; Nonprofit youth camping fee $.47-.50 for each person or $5.71-6, whichever is greater; Preferred campground fee $13.27-15; Prime campsite fee $15.17-17; Primitive lodging campsite fee $20.85-23; Custer State Park group camping area fee $5.69-7 per person for overnight use with a minimum fee of $113.74-140; Group lodging fee at Mina Lake Recreation Area $160-185; Custer State Park French Creek Horse Camp $21.80-26; Oahe Downstream Group Lodge use fee $37.92-40 for nonprofit youth groups year around and for nonprofit groups and government agencies from Nov. 1-March 31, and $118.49-125 per night for all other groups year-round; the use fee for all groups except nonprofit youth groups is $118.49-125 from Apr. 1-Oct. 31; an additional charge of $3.79-4 a unit is made for campground sites with electricity
  • Camping units are bigger than in the past and have more features, leading to increased electricity, water and sewer use; rising utility costs, along with personnel, facility maintenance and equipment costs add pressure on the budget; the adjusted fees will generate an estimated $665,000 and the prices remain competitive with those of other state park systems in the region
  • Staff recommends the following fee changes: Reserved group picnic shelter $18.96-20 to recover the sales tax GFP pays on reservation revenue; Sale of firewood $4-5; Park facility use fees for Fort Sisseton south barracks from $125 per day to $300 for a period beginning 10 a.m. Friday and ending 6 p.m. Sunday; Fort Sisseton event tent off-site from $750 per day to $1,000 per day plus $2 per mile transport fee for set up over 25 miles; establish Fort Sisseton grounds for outdoor wedding $125 fee when park benches are used; establish Lewis & Clark catamaran dry slip storage $300 for period of May 1-Sept. 30; for seasonal slip rental beginning on or after July 15 the fee is $60 plus $2 per day; temporary slip rental is $5 per day; establish Angostura catamaran dry slip storage $150 for period beginning May 1-Sept. 30; for seasonal slip rental beginning on or after July 15 fee is $30 plus $2 per day; temporary slip rental is $5 per day
  • Altogether it is estimated that these fee changes will raise just over $700,000
  • Commission adopted all staff recommended fee changes for the rule change proposal

Information Item
Custer State Park Mountain Pine Beetle Update

  • This year working in Sylvan Lake area and will see a drastic change in that area; there was a tremendous in-flight from US Forest Service property into that area; contractors already working on cut and chunk; work that has been done appears to be working, but can't control what is going on in nearby boundaries

2014 Custer State Park Repair and Maintenance Projects

  • CSP Resort Company is obligated to provide annual improvements; estimate 2014 projects include:
  • State Game Lodge: refinish dining room hardwood floor and lobby hardwood floor; $2700
  • Legion Lake Lodge: renovate interior/exterior of three cabins and infrastructure improvement for employee housing; $85,000
  • Blue Bell Lodge: refinish dining room hardwood floor; refurbish logs/structural integrity on Lodge; stain/refurbish logs in White Buffalo Room; new employee work camper sites; infrastructure improvements for employee housing; $219,000
  • Sylvan Lake Lodge: refinish Lodge and Auditorium hardwood floors; replace boat dock; replace patio doors in dining rooms; renovate interior/exterior of four cabins; $181,000
  • Resort emergency fund for all resorts $100,000
  • Total for CSP Resort = $587,700
  • Projected 2014 revenue = $12,250,000
  • Projected 5% Resort & Maintenance Fee contribution = $612,500 which will leave an overall estimated remaining balance in R&M budget at minus $75,200

Buffalo Roundup

  • Attendance comparable to last year; overcast cool day and roundup proceeded well
  • Saturday art festival comparable visitors to a year ago; strong winds on Sunday that caused some problem with tents blowing away and some vendors had to give up and go home, afternoon less windy but attendance down by half compared to last year for Sunday although chili cook-off was well received
  • Next year roundup set for Friday, Sept. 26

Park Revenue and Visitation Reports

  • Revenue up 6.6% over same time period in 2012 and currently at $11,865,811.99
  • Some of that increase due to a different way of handling reservation revenue
  • Camping Units up 3.1% and currently at 269,708

Next meeting
November 7-8, 2013
Pierre Ramkota RiverCenter