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october 2012 Commission Meeting

October 4-5, 2012


Division of Administration

Action Items
Approve minutes of the August 2-3, 2012, meeting
Additional Commissioner Salary Days
License List Requests

2013 Meeting Schedule

Governor's office RFP

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License Sales Report

Public Hearing at 2 PM

Open Forum

Emergency Rule


Mountain Lion Hunting Season

Bighorn Sheep Auction Tag

Division of Parks and Recreation

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Park Entrance License Fee Proposal

Camping and Lodge Fees Proposal

Camper Unit Definition Proposal

Custer State Park Cabin Transfer

Land, Water, and Conservation Fund Grants

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Visitation and Revenue Report

Custer State Park Resort Preventative Maintenance Projects

Angostura Update

Division of Wildlife

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Fishing Regulations Proposals

Bait Fish Proposals


Aquatic Nuisance Species Proposals

Fisheries Rules Reduction Proposals

 - Rule is unnecessary. Without rule it is implied that artificial lights may be used while fishing with legal methods.

 - There is no need to specify a possession limit for a one-day license as they are issued from midnight to midnight. It is implied by the duration of the license that they may not possess more than a one-day limit.

 - Rule is unnecessary. Catfish are an underutilized species throughout the Missouri River system and western tributaries in South Dakota. Setlines allow anglers an additional opportunity to harvest catfish and the use of a minimum length limit to regulate harvest is contradictory to the management objective.

 - Specific stipulations of legal setline bait on the mainstem waters of the Missouri River are no longer needed, with the exception that whole baitfish should be prohibited. Text referring to the prohibition of whole baitfish as setline bait will be included in 41:07:08:06 “Areas and restriction on the use of hoop nets, traps, and setlines. Repealing this rule will help standardize available bait options for the mainstem Missouri River with western tributaries and reservoirs.

 - This rule specifies conditions for water quality parameters in transport tanks when hauling bait and language that requires transportation equipment to allow for inspection. The rule is not necessary and the inspection language will be added to 41:09:04:12

License Fees Proposal

Hill Ranch GPA Inholding Acquisition

Information items
HuntSAFE Instructor of the Year

Hot Springs shooting range

Lake Oahe fishery update

Bighorn sheep plan

Elk study report